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Posted on April 10, 2013



Sorry about the all the scrolling you’ll have to do to read this one, I couldn’t think of a better way to display this. Plus most mice have scroll-wheels these days.


Win Shares are an estimate of how many ‘wins’ a player contributes to his team’s total. Win Shares are allocated to a player based on their offense, defense and playing time. The graph above shows how many wins a particular NBL player has  contributed to his teams total across the 2012-13 season (includes playoffs). You’ll notice some players have a negative value, although there is some debate as to whether or not this is a valid indicator (some stats nerds will just give a player a ‘0’), I subscribe to the theory that if you play so poorly that your team would be better off without you, it needs to be shown.


If you’d like more information, this is how Win Shares are calculated



Posted on February 11, 2013



This graphic gives an estimate on the amount of wins the individual Wildcat player contributes to Perth’s overall win tally (15 Wins at present).
Each player’s contribution has been broken down to offensive and defensive win share.

For those interested in what the Win Share statistic, you can read more here