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Before the NBL season tips off next month, I thought it worthwhile to check in with a panel of basketball experts to get their take on the upcoming 2013-14 National Basketball League season.

So, I rounded up five of the brightest NBL minds on the planet, and put to them ten pressing questions that I deemed too important to begin the season without having a crack at. Of course the answers are only each expert’s (and my) opinion, based on nothing more than a patchy pre-season and years of basketball fandom.

10 Questions

|  PHPaul Henderson of Hoop Diary and And The Foul  |  PFPaul Force of 36 Reasons  |

|  NANiall Anderson of NZHoops  |  NSNat Sullivan of And The Foul  |

|  KPKing Podge of the internet  |  APAndrew Price of lobpasstoabercrombie  |

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