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Posted on October 1, 2013


| PPG (Points Per Game) | FGA (Field Goal Attempts Per Game) | RPG (Rebounds Per Game) |

| FTA (Free Throw Attempts Per Game) | PER (Player Efficiency Rating) |

Dotted line shows polynomial average for the corresponding stat.


Tall Blacks v China – Game 2 Stats

Posted on July 27, 2013

Because they are almost impossible to find anywhere else, I have compiled the boxscore stats from last night’s game between China and New Zealand below. I recorded these live, but have double checked them against the photo of a boxscore Basketball NZ put up on their Facebook page, and them seem accurate. I did record a few extra offensive rebounds for Vukona and Salt which I’ve taken off because they were not on the official stat sheet, although I’m fairly confident they actually happened. I didn’t take off Jack Salt’s block, because that definitely happened, even if the Chinese don’t want to admit it.


Will do my best to get hold of Game 1 numbers for you too.



Posted on January 21, 2013

Sorry, it’s not another friendly graphic, but I’ve had a lot of requests for NBL stats. So here you go, it’s your lucky day.

Make sure you scroll across to get the full data set. If you don’t know some of the statistical abbreviations, use this.

I don’t know how to make sortable columns so if you really want to get involved with this data, just copy and paste it into your copy of Excel.

You nerd.


*Only includes data for players that average more than 5 minutes per game


Posted on January 8, 2013


This simple post is to demonstrate the difference between a team’s Defensive Rating and Points Allowed per game. There have been numerous instances in the last week alone of commentators, podcasters and reporters (not naming and shaming any in particular) who don’t seem to know that allowing fewer points per game than another team doesn’t necessarily make you a better defensive team.

Defensive Ratings are an estimate of points allowed per 1oo possessions, which allows us to take into account the speed at which a team plays. For example, Cairns who are notoriously one of the slowest team’s in the league will naturally allow fewer points per game than a team like Melbourne who get up and down the floor much faster. You can see above that although Cairns are ranked 4th in points allowed per game, they actually are 7th in defensive rankings because they allow a much larger number of points when the numbers are evened out to 100 possessions (Cairns usually have about 85-86 possessions per game).

Possession based stats such as this also apply to offense (points scored), as well as any other individual statistic a player themselves may gain.


*Note: These stats above are curent at the time of publish and are averaged across the season to this point, obviously Townsville are a much better team now.